Transplanting the index
Author: Maham Meiqany
ISBN: 9786006846149
First print: 2013
Last print:
Main language: Persian
Page count: 175
Publisher: Cheshmeh Publications
Translation rights sold:
Transplanting the index

It is not common to spot a heron in Tehran or wake up to find such an uninvited guest, one you have never seen likes of in your life. Astonished you think of calling for rescue or the firefighters not only to come, capture and take away the animal to a zoo or shelter but to cast light on the obscure existence of Arsalan- the protagonist- and eliminate his nightmares.

“Transplanting the Index” is the story of a man’s solitude, his bewilderment through an intricate maze of extraordinary events and his own cynical isolation. He works but not for subsistence but as a deal with his father for his permanent monthly support.

The story of the heron is interrupted by yet another bizarre appearance, that of Arsalan’s old friend, Fakhreddin. He is terrorized, astray and injured with a deep cut on his leg. Arsalan takes him in and Fakhreddin recounts his ordeals. It all started with a new neighbor settling underneath their apartment and the adventures they get pulled in… and the story is just beginning. Fakhreddin’s injury, their chases and escapes and the destiny of the heron all entwine in a mystery novel, fast in pace and packed with vicissitude, capturing the reader’s attention till the very last page.

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