I Love Manchester United
ISBN: 9786002290199
First print: 2012
Last print:
Main language: Persian
Page count: 225
Publisher: Cheshmeh Publications
Translation rights sold:
I Love Manchester United

A student with a heavy backpack slung over his shoulder breathes hard as he takes strides on the sidewalks of Revolution Avenue in Tehran. It’s raining, and gloomy thoughts keep popping into the mind of the history major. The young man who is suffering from leukemia throws up blood and a red streak appears on the cobblestones of the sidewalk. And suddenly the unsuspecting readers are tossed back in time to World War II when Iran surrendered to the Allied forces without a fight allowing the invaders to send its monarch into exile on a remote island and replace him with his son.

I Love Manchester United focuses on the aftermath of the Second World War and the presence of the Allied forces in Iran. It moves back and forth along the tunnel of time. Accompanying the readers on these journeys are humans who have been buried by violence in the post-War history.   

A liberal poet, a Polish woman, an unidentified murderer, a nationalist intellectual, a child killer, a mortician who eats the hearts of foreign corpses, a hit man, and a wheelchair-bound old woman who kills cats just for kicks are little-known figures who represent violence in the story. All these characters who are in death bed are either victims of violence or perpetrators of violent acts. 

The thoughts of the history student are not always gloomy; what happens between him and the hospital nurse is an exception. Sometimes the developments of the story put a smile on the readers’ faces, and sometimes the flowery language of the author adds a touch of drama to the novel. 

The story of migrant Polish women in Iran is beautifully depicted in a few anecdotes in the novel. It is the story of women who set out on a long journey without their spouses to reach the closest place immune from the flames of war raging in Europe.

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