Three Days Of Siege
ISBN: 9789647529716
First print: 2005
Last print: 2010
Main language: Persian
Page count: 192
Publisher: Ravayat Fath Publications
Translation rights sold:
Three Days Of Siege

The book follows a group of Iranian soldiers who were caught in a bitter siege, cut off from retreat, during a large-scale military operation. After three days of intense fighting some of the soldiers manage to escape. Three Days of Siege belongs to the genre of “war documentary literature”. It tells the real story of events as they were experienced and later recorded by “Alireza Ashtari”, who then handed them over to the publisher. The narrator not only documents the incident but explores the impulses that shape behavior, exposing the hidden layers of the human psyche. Ashtari narrates tough battle scenes, giving readers an accurate and multifaceted view, a view that may be different from what non-Iranians identify as war and the way humans exist in the most bitter and inhuman realities.  Although the honesty of Three days of Siege is sometimes very harsh, the avoidance of false heroism turns the spotlight on characters made of flesh, bones and blood which they were ready to sacrifice for the sake of their land. This is a book that cannot fail to impress readers everywhere.

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