Grand Hotel Nights
ISBN: 9789644424717
First print: 2006
Last print: 2014
Main language: Persian
Page count: 448
Publisher: Alborz Publications
Translation rights sold:
Grand Hotel Nights

Parivash sits alone in a café in Grand Hotel, reminiscing about her past. She remembers the days when she was a famous singer; when hundreds of people would flock to the same well-established and expensive hotel every night just to watch her perform. These days, almost nothing is left of that fame. She digs deeper into the past and recalls the dark days of childhood, the even darker days of marriage and her escape from that house of gloom. She relives the sweet days that followed when she found her first love and remembers the bitter end; the short, gratifying period of happiness and the stinging sense of hopelessness that followed; the renewal of life and the world coming crashing down upon her yet again. Parivash remembers all the suffering, the hurt, the insults and the loss she’s experienced during her short life. Now, sitting in a café in the same majestic hotel, Parivash is writing the story of her life upon the request of a film director as she tries to pull herself out of the poverty biting through her late and lonely years. Are her tough and bitter days finally over? Will the world show Parivash its sunny side as she passes through her twilight years?

Grand Hotel Nights is a riveting read, exploring the tumultuous life of a woman who spends all her life battling fate, struggling, and never giving up.

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