Blue and Pink
ISBN: 9789644053528
First print: 2004
Last print: 2007
Main language: Persian
Page count: 464
Publisher: Elm Publications
Translation rights sold:
Blue and Pink

Blue and Pink is a novel much loved by its author because she says it makes her feel nostalgic. A photo dating back to the 1950s is on the front cover of the book against a pink background. It features two male students in uniform with their hands wrapped around each other’s shoulders. One is the father of the author – Nahid Tabatabai – and the other is her uncle.

Two imaginary angels only visible to the author – and the narrator of the story –drop in on her for the first time in a long time to convince her to put pen to paper and write an autobiography. One of the two angels is blue and has a calm temper, and the other is pink and a bit quick-tempered. The author has no choice but to write the autobiography because otherwise the angels and all those who have been part of her life and her memories will be gone.   

Blue and Pink is about a small girl who illustrates the story of her life including what she’s experienced in Tehran over a half century in the form of a riveting novel.

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