A Red Vein in the Flesh of Canvas
ISBN: 9789643118464
First print: 2009
Last print: 2010
Main language: Persian
Page count: 312
Publisher: Qoqnoos Publishing House
Translation rights sold:
A Red Vein in the Flesh of Canvas

A Red Vein in the Flesh of Canvas is a feminine story. Taraneh Royai is leading a lonely life after her divorce which has also separated her from her son. Her broken romance prompts her to vow not to fall in love ever again. But then, who knows what fate has in store for them? 

Taraneh, a high-flying interior designer, meets a young man who injects liveliness back into her dead sensibilities. She assumes years of suffering and loneliness are already behind her, so she gives in to the newborn feelings deep down. Things go smoothly for a while before her ex – Sina – makes a comeback and brings back to life her pent-up emotions and bitter memories of the past.

The showdown between hating the past and loving the future is not the only problem Taraneh is grappling with. After years of forced separation from her son, they reunite and move in, but they’re like strangers. She tries her best to win him back. Her maternal feelings and the stamina she’s found in her new love makes her determined not to let her son be taken away from her once again. But the new conditions are unacceptable to her young boyfriend.

A Red Vein in the Flesh of Canvas, although a feminine story, is by no means sentimental, neither is it aimed at an all-female audience. It’s the story of a real human struggle, the story of how a woman learns to be tough in the school of hard knocks. Despite her feminine delicacy, the protagonist screws up her courage to take on her weaknesses and look at herself from a new angle. The story is so brimful of new developments that one might read it at one go. It’s a love story which leaves the door to hope open even in the thick of frustration.

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