Fifty Degrees above Zero
Author: Ali Changizi
ISBN: 9789643629106
First print: 2011
Last print: 2012
Main language: Persian
Page count: 210
Publisher: Cheshmeh Publications
Translation rights sold:
Fifty Degrees above Zero

The discovery of several skeletons in the heart of the desert reveals a shocking story that unfolded years ago: Ali Soutoudeh, a notorious criminal languishing in jail, uses a clever ploy to win himself several days of leave. Outside prison, he meets up with his friend Ebram and they try to find a way to get Ali’s cellmate Sina released. Sina is facing the death penalty for a murder he committed when he was a teenager. Ali has promised to help him. But time is running low and the family of the victim insist they want to see the murderer hanged unless he pays them the blood money. Sina cannot afford the huge sum and Ali plans a major heist to supply it. But a single mistake ruins all their plans and Ali and his friends head to a treacherous desert to escape arrest, a path that promises them an equal degree of success and failure.

Fifty Degrees Above Zero is the story of a promise that leads to a great adventure and ultimately aperilous path. The author uses an intricate, mysterious and breath-taking narrative, revealing the truth one layer at a time in each chapter and keeping readers hooked till the very end. 

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