In the Ruined Tavern of the Magi
ISBN: 9786001192166
First print: 2010
Last print: 2013
Main language: Persian
Page count: 304
Publisher: Ghatreh Publishing House
Translation rights sold:
In the Ruined Tavern of the Magi

Mahmoud, a young Iranian man from a traditional Muslim family, moves to the US to pursue his studies. He falls in love with an Italian Catholic girl, his classmate in a philosophy course. Their intense romance eventually sees them walk down the aisle. Mahmoud is later hired as an accountant in a casino. But the tragic attacks of 9/11 and the economic hardships they bring about cost him his job.

The prejudice blamed for this tragedy is abhorrent to Mahmoud who suffers a nervous breakdown through no fault of his own. The young man, who is struggling to eke out a living, cannot return to Iran. At the suggestion of his friends, he changes his name and nationality and gets hired by the casino again, this time as a Catholic. But riveting material and metaphysical developments await him down the line. 

In the Ruined Tavern of the Magi is a story of love and faith, two powerful forces that bring people with different attitudes and cultures together. The courage the author screws up to take on the dark layers of his culture and psyche turns this book into an excellent novel in which he masterfully juxtaposes human emotions with the deepest concerns of modern-day mankind.

No doubt, in our dreadful world, this book is a harbinger of friendship and cordiality among nations; it’s a look from a new angle at the world, one that brings back to life our love of freedom and philanthropy; it bridges the biggest distances between humans to paint a picture of peace.

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