The Sycamore of Dalbety
ISBN: 9786001193262
First print: 2011
Last print:
Main language: Persian
Page count: 246
Publisher: Ghatreh Publishing House
Translation rights sold:
The Sycamore of Dalbety

Sufi, a beautiful girl born into a very wealthy Iranian family, is unaware of the revolution sweeping her country and of mysteries surrounding the people around her. Still reeling from a failed romance, in a bid to leave behind her troubled past she gets engaged to Bahram. It’s a while Bahram has disappeared and Sufi leaves no stone unturned in her endeavor to find her fiancé. Her search for Bahram, now a revolutionary on the run, puts her in touch with everyday people. As the search grinds on, she comes across her ex-boy friend, who is now married with a child. He admits that he’s still in love with her. In the meantime, a young engineer who works for Sufi’s father falls in love with her too. Sufi, to whom love is all about real compassion, now needs to work out a solution. When all mysteries unravel and the players in the narrative are unmasked, Sufi should take on the reality deep down inside. 

Mansooreh Sharifzadeh is a great storyteller. The Sycamore of Dalbety centers on life, its ups and downs together with its bitter and sweet moments during which the protagonist develops maturity as well as fresh insight into her relationships with others and makes a difficult decision.

The fluid style of writing employed by the author and the story’s many dialogues keeps readers flipping through the pages. It’s a story full of developments which are interconnected like the links of a chain; mysteries upon whose unraveling life is transformed.

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