Kimia Khatoon
Author: Saeedeh Ghods
ISBN: 9789643621964
First print: 2004
Last print: 2011
Main language: Persian
Page count: 285
Publisher: Cheshmeh Publications
Translation rights sold:

English: Candle & Fog Publishing

Kimia Khatoon

Kimia Khatoon is a very successful Iranian book in which fiction, historical facts and creativity in narration masterfully intertwine. It has been very warmly welcomed by book readers and is on its 25th reprint.

Kimia is an aristocratic girl who lives with her mother and younger brother after the death of her father. When her mother marries Mowlavi, the greatest mystic scholar of the time, she feels even lonelier. She finds it hard to leave their mansion and its occupants behind and take up residence with strangers whose faith and understanding of life are different from hers. But the close relationship she develops with the youngest son of Mowlavi injects energy and joy back into her life and helps her savor the sweet fruit of a forbidden love.

Kimia is now a beautiful girl whose sweet dreams are shattered by a nightmare: her stepfather, the most prominent scientist and religious leader of his time, ditches his wealth, social status and lovely wife in favor of a mystic figure called Shams. No one understands the true nature of Mowlavi’s love for Shams who in turn falls in love with Kimia at first sight and asks for her hand in marriage. Mowlavi closes his eyes to the burning love between his son and his stepdaughter and agrees to let Shams marry Kimia. Is Shams truly a man of God or a deceptive Rasputin?  

Kimia Khatoon takes you on a rollercoaster journey to the depths of love, history and human psyche. It is a novel eastern story flavored with a modern approach and man’s never-ending quest to learn about the nature of love. It’s a story marked by detailed descriptions, great characterization, and riveting, tense story-telling.

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