Planet Urak
Author: Fariba Kalhor
ISBN: 9789644171147
First print: 1999
Last print: 2012
Main language: Persian
Page count: 151
Publisher: Ghadyani Publishing House
Translation rights sold:
Planet Urak

Planet Urak is a fantasy whose developments unfold in a novel setting youngsters are bound to enjoy.

Adapa, one of the smarts on Planet Urak, is a human expert. He places an order for a very powerful telescope to study the occupants of the earth. But instead of real humans he sees bright halos moving around on the planet. To uncover the mystery of these halos he travels to the blue planet and takes Saba, who has the biggest and brightest halo around her, back to Urak. After a while Adapa and his assistant take to Saba and as they themselves put it “develop Anash”. Adapa discovers the mystery surrounding the halos, but is far from willing to let Saba return to the earth. But she’s determined to travel back home. 

Fariba Kalhor uses her solid style of writing to paint a picture of human emotions. She pits Saba against an emotionless civilization called Urak, which is fixated on science, and thus sets all the developments of the story in motion.

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