A Star Called Giant
ISBN: 9789644172625
First print: 1996
Last print: 1999
Main language: Persian
Page count: 360
Publisher: Ghadyani Publishing House
Translation rights sold:


A Star Called Giant

The villagers call him Giant Reza. But though he’s enormous on the outside, Reza is only a child in the inside. One day, a villager who works in the city as a street performer, decides to use Giant Reza to make more money. He becomes the destitute boy’s guardian and takes him to one of the city’s poor neighbourhoods. The children who live around Reza’s new home are initially afraid of the giant boy and try to avoid him. Gradually, they realize that Giant Reza has a kind heart despite his terrifying size. When Reza’s new friends find out that his guardian is forcing him to take part in cheap performances despite his pleas to be taken back to the village, they decide to step in. Reza’s friends want to help him connect with his true self and find a way back home. But that proves to be a difficult challenge. Will they manage to release Reza from the clutches of his malicious guardian?

A Star Called Giant is a delicate story about friendship and love. The author uses a charming narrative to show his teenage readers that through friendship they can rise to their challenges and resolve their problems.

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