Children of the Carpet Weaver's House
ISBN: 9789645643773
First print: 2004
Last print: 2011
Main language: Persian
Page count: 72
Publisher: Moin Publishing House
Translation rights sold:
Children of the Carpet Weaver's House

Children of the Carpet Weaver's House is a Realistic story about the exposed eyes and hands of small children in remote villages in southern Iran who, in return for peanuts, create truly immortal works for art: Persian rugs.    

“Their big dark eyes which stood out on their sallow faces were fixed on threads. With their eyes exhausted, their frail hands were tying delicate knots to create designs of red and yellow flowers and green leaves on the carpets. The regular beats of weaving combs were mixing with whispers of the girls, cries of an infant and the chants weavers shout when go about weaving carpets on the looms. It was more of a feeble moan or a whisper than a shout.”        

The touching human-centered messages The Children of the Carpet Weavers` House entails has turned it into a favorite in literary circles overseas. It’s been translated into English, Russian and Korean and has won the Hans Christian Andersen Award, an accolade from the International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY) and the Jose` Marti award in Costa Rica. 

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