You Are No Stranger
ISBN: 9789647603478
First print: 2012
Last print: 2013
Main language: Persian
Page count: 354
Publisher: Moin Publishing House
Translation rights sold:
You Are No Stranger

Houshu, is a rural boy who lives along with his grandparents in Sirach, a desert village near Kerman, southern Iran. He has lost his mother in childhood and his absentee father is a gendarme in Sistan Baluchestan Province. His uncle, a teacher who pays no attention to the young girls around him, is fixated on higher education and seeks to eventually get a Ph.D. Houshu grows up in his home village and employs a very interesting style of writing to tell the story of his life and those of his relatives.  

Just like a movie, You Are No Stranger takes the readers for a ride through the intriguing developments of the life of a young boy who moves from his village to the provincial capital before eventually ending up in Tehran. In the book the author helps readers relate to the protagonist and share his joys and sorrows.    

In this story, which is narrated in an informal way, readers learn, very early on, that there is a big difference between Houshu and other children in the village. Houshu always seeks out answers to his questions and spares no effort to nail down those answers. And his perseverance and playfulness in the process translates into thrilling incidents.  

You Are No Stranger was first published in Tehran in 2005 and won two key awards from “Childrens` Book Council” and “Mehregan Adab” literary event. Two years later Moradi Kermani's book won the top book award from the International Youth Library in Munich, Germany. The book is now on its 18th reprint. A TV series is currently being produced based on its story.

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