The Cat Graph
ISBN: 9789640481349
First print: 2012
Last print: 2014
Main language: Persian
Page count: 304
Publisher: Rozaneh Publications
Translation rights sold:
The Cat Graph

In an old school warehouse that now looks more like a dungeon, Hadi meets two strange creatures: Smag, a wizard who’s a combination of man and three horse breeds and has been sent to earth through a peculiar type of magic, and Ghasem, a talking cat. Smag has an extremely valuable and sought-after possession called Martha’s Fourth Image. Milos, the prince of Opticophil has travelled to earth to find the Image and save his planet. He meets Hadi, Smag and Ghasem. Meanwhile, Martha’s Fourth Image suddenly disappears and Lieutenant Sarvghadam, a retired detective steps in to help find it. The five characters develop a close friendship and after several years finally pursue their separate paths. They agree to meet again at a certain date in a particular hotel. Fourteen years on, they meet up and share their stories. Now, years since those events, Hadi is telling his daughter about the strange and unbelievable adventures he’s had, revealing the fate of Martha’s Fourth Image.

In his novel The Cat Graph, Hadi Taghizadeh incorporates 65 secondary narratives into his main storyline. Combining fairytales with science fiction and actual events like the Chernobyl disaster, Taghizadeh pulls his readers into an amazingly fluid fantasy world with characters that are both unique and brilliantly enchanting.




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