The Sticky Darkness of the Night
ISBN: 9789648497175
First print: 2005
Last print: 2013
Main language: Persian
Page count: 96
Publisher: Ghatreh Publishing House
Translation rights sold:
The Sticky Darkness of the Night

The Sticky Darkness of the Night is the first collection of enthralling short stories by Mahmoud Hosseini Zad.   

A lover who hesitated years ago to make his feelings known; a man of the highest social stature with a memory left behind in the past; a woman who failed to forgive her lover when she could have and thus has to spend the rest of her life without love. These are some of the characters of the stories of this collection. These individuals carry the heavy weight of love, memory and envy on their shoulders; individuals who live in the present, evidently among friends and relatives, but are actually centuries away from all of them. They are either burdened with the past or have lost hope in the future, thus subjecting their present to the sticky darkness of the night.

The Sticky Darkness of the Night is the first of the seven stories of this collection. It features a lonely old man who has grown accustomed to the darkness of night and that of his life. His encounter with a young bookstore clerk injects new flavor to his life. The old man is of two minds about whether to stick to his self-imposed isolation or ditch it in favor of the young man’s enjoyable company. The more the young man makes his presence felt in his life, the more rigidly the darkness of the night sticks to him.    

In the stories of this collection things are not what they seem to be on the surface. Words are supposed to mirror the depths of things, that’s to say, the flip side of the coin. The pun involving words, human conditions and things reflect the depths of human emotions and leave an impact on the deepest layers of our perception.

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