When Did This Snow Fall?
ISBN: 9789643627645
First print: 2010
Last print: 2012
Main language: Persian
Page count: 111
Publisher: Cheshmeh Publications
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When Did This Snow Fall?

We all come to terms with the loss of a loved one and find a thing to take solace in. That the past does not die is an attitude shared by all humans. These stories focus on strange human affections and bonds that are unlikely to unravel.

When Did This Snow Fall? is the second collection of short stories by Hosseini Zad. It consists of 11 stories. Death, nostalgia and separation are the links of the chain that connect these short stories built on such varied foundations as: departure when you know you have to depart sooner or later; untimely departure; life with those who are no longer alive; nostalgia and solace; life with the loved ones who are lost; and life which no longer qualifies to be described as life. These concepts are as pleasant as autumnal nights.  

Hosseini Zad is very good at creating a special ambience and masterfully depicts the impact of death on the lives of humans. His creative development of a single topic renders each story discrete and novel, and he examines all the angles of a single topic. When it comes to end of life, he looks at death even through the eyes of the dead.  

These stories are dotted with love and loyalty. The Turquoise at the Bottom of Boiling Tar looks at one of the most exciting love stories in the history of Iranian art from a fresh perspective, whereas Sliver Ripples examines a very delicate feminine love story. A story that needs to be read twice: the first time to savor the pleasure of discovery and the second to explore its beautifully-imaginative images.

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