The Overcast Sky
ISBN: 9786006846118
First print: 2013
Last print:
Main language: Persian
Page count: 130
Publisher: Cheshmeh Publications
Translation rights sold:
The Overcast Sky

The Overcast Sky is the latest release by Mahmoud Hosseini Zad. The book, a collection of 13 short stories in five chapters that hit bookstore shelves earlier in 2013, deals with a range of issues such as loneliness among the closest of friends, forbidden loves that help humans savor the true meaning of life, and doubts that permanently strip humans of the opportunity to lead a good life. 

We have all espoused, at least once, the idea of departure or non-existence, a strange feeling of nostalgia and renunciation. We have all felt, at least once, that the closest of our friends and relatives are like strangers and that we do not belong in the most familiar of places. Hosseini Zad narrates these nostalgic feelings. His stories reflect the leave of absence humans take from their own lives. 

He uses his innovation and creativity, a signature feature of his works, to examine from a different angle different aspects of life or those of a single development. But all that’s needed to connect the dots and put together a high-resolution picture of what the author is trying to get across is a closer look at the narrative.  

On the surface the stories of this collection are discrete and unrelated, but a closer look reveals that one story picks up where another has left off. One seems to mirror the future of another and so on. When Comfits and Coins Were Thrown, one of the short stories of this collection, is a masterpiece as far as ambience is concerned, and no excessive descriptions have been used in its development where everything appeals to human emotions. Words are like putty in the hands of the author, and just like a portrait, they offer a very detailed sketch of human emotions deep down as they float in the ocean of human nostalgia.

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