Sadegh Karamyar

Sadegh Karamyar Born in Tehran, 1959 He has earned his Bachelor of Theology from Islamic Azad University He has been working as a journalist and reporter in “Etela'at” newspaper for twelve years. He has been the editor of literature and “war” sections, and also the translator of its Arabic pages. He is the editor-in-chief and writer of a popular radio show: “At the End of the Night”, and the deputy editor of “Mardom va cinema” magazine.                                                                                                          His books include Shouting in the Ash (War stories collection, 1990), The Revenge in the Camp (Teen stories collection, 1991), his novels are Immortal (2009), The Spoils (2010) and the Burning Plains (2011). He has published many literary reviews on various books. He also is a Director and screenwriter. A member of House of Cinema and Iranian screenwriters' club. The director for several art and literature festivals and awards including: Tehran's literary centers festival, “Iran-e ma” nationwide poem festival and “Tanz-e Tehran” nationwide festival. He is the winner of “The first Holy Defense Art and Literature festival” (1988), and his novel Immortal has won the third Jalal Al Ahmad literary award (2010) and was praised in Iran's Book of the Year (2010).

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